Pool System
Aquafin - 2K / M with ASO Joint Tape (Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing)
Aquafin 2K/M is a state of the art, elastomeric waterproofing slurry which is highly flexible, and provides a protective and waterproof coating, idea for sealing and coating a wide variety of projects. Aquafin 2K/M is a leader in its class with up to 80% elongation, making it the perfect solution for waterproofing substrates prone to movment and cracking.

Product Characteristics

  • Two component elastomeric, cementitious waterproofing slurry against ground and back-water.
  • Mixed without adding water.

  • Applied on concrete and masonry, in the building and civil engineering sector, interior and exterior use, for new and old buildings, and also under tiles.
  • Also for use in canals, manholes and swimming pools.
  • Approved according to DVGW W270 and W347 for potable water.
  • Tested according to German construction regulations for use at stress levels A1/A2 and B in combination with natural stone and tiles.
  • Crack-bridging.
  • Tested according to DIN 4030 against water aggresive to concrete.
  • Tested for resistance to liquid manure

Sealing Tape for Extended Requirements

ASO-Joint-Tape-2000-S is a new type of composite material, expandable, with a high tensile stable,waterproof but allows intrusion of water vapour diffusion pores. It guarantees the fast drying of water-containing tile adhesives and water proofing layers. ASO-Joint-Tape-2000-S is highly resistant to aggressive substances.