Polythane MF

Polythane MF is a flow applied self smoothing 3 component polyurethane floor screed. It has an average thickness of 3 to 4mm with a matt anti skid finish. Polythane MF is suited to industrial applications providing cost effective and aesthetic protection against abrasion, chemicals, impact and thermal shock.

Polythane MF has the fastest installation time for a polymer modified product and once installed provides a smooth seamless surface for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Main Properties of Polythane MF
  • excellent chemical resistance
  • high temperature resistance up to 120°C
  • resists bacterial growth, fungi, mould and mildew
  • no solvent odour during installation
  • high density system giving maximum wear, abrasion and impact resistance
  • seamless joints for optimum sanitation and hygienic finish
  • food grade
Polythane MF Projects Gallery
  • hygienic floors for kitchens, wet food, beverage processing and packaging plants
  • mechanically durable flooring for light to medium loads such as packing rooms, kitchen loading docks, store rooms
  • chemical resistant floor for chemical processing areas.
Job References
  • PZ Cusson
  • Dutch Mill
  • Sun Valley
  • Asian Alliance
  • Tepkinsho Food
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