Primebase is a thin but heavy duty resin screed mortar suitable for the varied industrial applications, composed of water based polymer resin, binder and dry graded fine aggregates.
Main Properties of Primebase
  • extremely hard wearing & slip resistant
  • high impact resistance
  • resistance to animal fluids, brine, sugars, oils and fats
  • resistant to detergents, sterilants and oxidising agents
  • will not support bacterial growth
  • FDA approved
  • completely free of toxic substances
  • odourless during application
  • non-dusting
Primebase Projects Gallery
  • wet process areas in food and beverage plants
  • cold rooms, packing rooms
  • meat and fish processing areas
  • canneries and breweries
  • ready meal manufacturing plants
  • warehouses and distribution centres
  • loading areas
Job References
  • Queen Sirikit National Conventional Center
  • SB Furniture
  • Terachai Steel
  • GMM Grammy
  • King Power International
Manufacturer's qebsite
Data Sheet of Primbase for download. here