Concretes based on Alag aggregate and Ciment Fondu and are ideally suited to the most demanding applications, and demonstrate a unique capacity to resist aggressive environments where corrosion, abrasion and high temperatures are all present.

These properties provided in a single product make Alag/Ciment Fondu concrete the optimal choice for a wide range of the most demanding applications.

Main Properties of Alag
  • rapid hardening allow return to service within 6 hours
  • fast drying times - residual moisture below 3% within 48 hours
  • resistant to extreme temperatures and high thermal shock
  • provides better resistance to abrasion than Portland cement
  • resistant to corrosion from diluted acids, seawater, sugar solutions, greases and fats.
Alag Projects Gallery
  • Steelworks and coking plants
  • Industrial floors subject to heavy-duty attack - chemical or petrochemical, iron, steel and nonferrous metallurgical industries.
  • Hydroelectric structures: spillways, screening walls, sills, sluice beds
  • Sewerage network protection: Pipes, manholes and associated structures.
  • Cryogenic applications - areas subject to liquid gas spillage
Job References
  • Nam Teun Dam Laos
  • Kaengkrachan Dam Thailand
  • Yanango Dam Peru
  • South Cotabato Dam Philippine
  • Carei Channel Menton France
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