Chem Hard

Seal Hard is a chemical treatment that seals, densifies, hardens and waterproofs concrete floors., adding many years of useful life to a floor.

By penetrating deeply into the floor and through a unique chemical reaction Seal Hard reduces the porosity of the floor greatly enhancing resistance to abrasion and wear and resulting in easy to clean floor with a long lasting satin sheen. Non-slip characteristics of the concrete will be unchanged.

With correct housekeeping procedures, the need to reseal a Seal Hard floor is remote.

Main Properties of Chem Hard
  • extremely resistant to scratching and micro pitting
  • dust free
  • high resistance to abrasion and wear
  • resistant to marking and spillages
  • odourless and environmentally safe (VOC compliant)
Chem Hard Projects Gallery
  • areas subject to fork lift and tow motor traffic
  • warehouses and distribution centres
  • manufacturing plants & textile mills
  • service garages
  • food and beverage plants
Job References
  • Queen Sirikit National Conventional Center
  • FedEx Logistics
  • BMW Distribution Warehouse
  • Ecco Thailand
  • PTT Petrochemical Warehouse
Manufacturer's qebsite
Data sheet of Chem Hard for download. here