Arena CPD

Arena CPD is designed for the reinstatement of industrial floor surfaces. The product can be used as a final wearing surface on new concrete floors where specified floor tolerances have not been met or where, for speed of installation the concrete floor has been left with a tamped finish.

Arena CPD has a silk sheen finish maximising light reflectivity whist providing a non-slip easy to clean surface and is available in any standard RAL colour.

Arena CPD is applied using large blades or pumps reducing trowel work and minimising facility downtime.

Main Properties of Arena Car Park Decking
  • fast application time
  • lower cost than resin based systems of equivalent thickness??
  • dimensionally stable; can be installed in large areas
  • water vapour permeable allowing substrate to breathe
  • waterproof
  • non-toxic solvent and non-flammable
Arena Car Park Decking Projects Gallery
Arena CPD is ideal for car park decking.
Job References
  • The Mall Bang Kae
  • Government Office Building Radchadevi District
  • Tep Kinsho Office
  • Eastin Hotel
  • Central Department Store
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