Flashfloor is a heavy duty resin screed mortar for the food industry, composed with pigmented emulsion polymer mortar filled with fine mineral aggregate and silica sand.

Flashfloor is a blend of dispersion polymer resin, a modified and pigmented hydraulic binder and quartz sand with a grain size distribution optimized in our laboratories.

Its excellent mechanical properties and the fact that Flashfloor is completely free of toxic substances make Flashfloor the coating choice of leading industries companies.

Main Properties of Flashfloor
  • extremely hard wearing & slip resistant
  • high impact resistance
  • resistance to animal fluids, brine, sugars, oils and fats
  • resistant to detergents, sterilants and oxidising agents
  • will not support bacterial growth
  • FDA approved
  • completely free of toxic substances
  • odourless during application
  • non-dusting
Flashfloor Projects Gallery
  • wet process areas in food and beverage plants
  • cold rooms, packing rooms
  • meat and fish processing areas
  • canneries and breweries
  • ready meal manufacturing plants
  • warehouses and distribution centres
  • loading areas
Job References
  • Kongpob Frozen Food Mahachai
  • Kaona Poultry Ubonrajdani
  • Dutch Mill Thailand
  • Thai Union Paper
  • Mahachai Food Processing