Souplethane products provide a 100% polyurethane coating that makes an extremely strong bond to many different substrates whilst retaining elasticity and flexibility.

Souplethane bonds to concrete, steel & stainless steel, cement, aluminium, wood, bitumen, asphalt, lead and various insulation materials, sealing and providing protection against acids and most chemical agents.

Main Properties of Souplethane
  • corrosion protection against sea water, acids and many chemical agents
  • calculated half-life time greater than 30 years
  • excellent resistance to wear, shock, impacts and abrasions
  • good resistance to thermal shocks
  • can be used in contact with food
  • can be overcoated with paint
  • non-flammable once applied
  • easily repaired
  • very low friction coefficient reducing sticking or head losses in liquid flow
Souplethane Projects Gallery
  • In an industrial setting Souplethane coatings are used for
  • steel or concrete tanks
  • pipes
  • steel or concrete structures
  • offshore installations

In the construction industry, Souplethane products are used for:

  • roofs
  • terraces & balconies
  • swimming pools
  • floors
  • parking areas
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