Calcoat RG has been especially formulated for use in wastewater applications. Calcoat RG is based on calcium aluminates and, in contrast to Portland cement, its high alumina content and the nature of the hydrates formed ensure extremely good resistance to both acid and bacteriogenic corrosion.

It also exhibits high mechanical strength forming concretes and mortars especially well suited to the construction of structures subject to abrasion such as pipe networks and associated structures.

Main Properties of Calcoat
  • extremely high resistance to acidic and sceptic corrosion
  • rapid hardening, quickly gaining high mechanical strength
  • resistant to many type of aggressive agents
Calcoat Projects Gallery
  • waste water management projects & applications  
Job References
  • Bangkok Waste Water Treatment Project
  • National Starch and Chemical
  • Siam Food
  • Green Spot Thailand
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