Aquanfin IC Admix
Aquafin IC Admix is a crystalline technology concrete admixture used to produce permanently active waterproof concrete in water retaining structures, water excluding structures, below grade structures and mass concrete.
Main Properties of Aquafin IC Admix
  • permanently active; will self heal future static cracks up to 400 microns.
  • improved final strength
  • provides additional protection to reinforcement steel by reducing chloride ion diffusion
  • can be used in high w/c ratio (up to 0.55) concretes
  • liquid; no lumping, easily dispersed
  • withstands high water pressures (up to 14 bars)
  • compatible with most types of concrete admixtures
  • eliminates need for surface waterproofing
  • portable water tanks
  • sewerage treatment plants & sceptic tanks
  • retaining walls
  • tunnels
  • elevator pits
  • dams
  • pile foundations
  • basements
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