SANIFLEX is a liquid applied, ready to use, synthetic rubber based polymer dispersion which dries to form a seamless elastomeric waterproof membrane. The waterproof membrane provides a breathable yet water proof elastomeric barrier with crack bridging properties.

Saniflex is ideal for providing waterproofing for bathrooms and showers. It can be applied in a single coat and its fast curing properties allow tiles to be installed on the same day.

Main Properties of Saniflex
  • seamless waterproof membrane system
  • excellent crack bridging properties
  • breathability allows release of trapped moisture
  • easy to apply single component
  • single application possible, reducing working steps
  • fast curing allows tiling on same day
  • shower areas, bathrooms,
  • kitchens and sanitary areas in public and private buildings.
  • waterproof balconies and terraces beneath tiles in temperate climate zones (without longterm frost load).
  • suitable for fast track job requirements
Job References
  • Pentagon Athletic Center USA
  • Marine aquarium & Zoo Exhibits National wide
  • International Connect Trade
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