Asodur SG2

ASODUR-SG2 is a low solvent moisture resistant two component epoxy resin.

Due to its high density ASODUR-SG2 displaces the water from the capillaries of concrete floors and acts like a protection against oil and other chemical substances rising by capillary action.

ASODUR-SG2 is resistant to chemicals rising from the soil with an excellent bonding on wet concrete surfaces.

Main Properties of Asodur SG2
  • moisture tolerant and water vapour proof
  • excellent bond to damp substrates
  • ASODUR-SG2 is used as a primer for oil contaminated, but cleaned concrete surfaces and for the priming of still damp concrete or screed surfaces which will be coated with ASOFLOOR-systems.
  • Also suitable as a rigid post waterproofing of matte damp cementitious substrates subjected to negative water pressure.
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