Car Park Decking
Arena Car Park Desk (Arena Car Park Flooring System)
CPC is a full overlayment system with three coats of coloured water based polyurethane resin. Arena CPD was initially developed in 1971 and has a track record in excess of 1 million square metres applied worldwide. CPD is provided as a silk more aesthetically pleasing finish and disguises any undulations or poor trowelling that may be evident in the concrete subfloor. It is water based and water to tolerant, moisture friendly.

Product Characteristics

  • Fast track application up to 3,000 square metres per day.
  • Wide application range with installation thickness from 0.50mm to 18mm.
  • Attractive silk finish, with 5 standard colours.
  • Reduces noise of tyre squeak.
  • Absorbs kinetic energy.
  • Completely seamless. No joints required.
  • Hard wearing and extremely flexible.
  • Can be trafficked very quickly.
  • Slip resistant.
  • Crack resistant.
  • Excellent bond strength.
  • Can be used over existing Asphalt.
  • Class O for fire resistance.
  • In tropical grade, it can be water tolerant.