Aquafin - IC

Aquafin-IC is a one component waterproofing system for concrete surfaces suitable for use in water conveyance structures and building construction. Aquafin-IC contains chemicals that permeate the surface of the concrete making the concrete ensuring that the waterproof property remains intact even if the coating is partially removed or small cracks develop after the application.

It may be used on new or old structurally sound concrete surfaces and can be applied by brush or spray equipment. It may also be applied as a dry shake on fresh concrete slabs.

Main Properties of Aquafin - IC
  • penetrates the capillaries in concrete
  • continually active
  • can be applied to damp substrates
  • chloride free
  • resists high levels of hydrostatic pressure
  • carbonisation barrier
  • waterproofs retrospective cracks up to 0.4 mm
Aquafin - IC Projects Gallery
  • cellars, lift shafts,
  • foundations, retaining walls.
  • drinking and service water, retaining basins,
  • water treatment plants,
  • garages, tunnels etc.
  • waterproofing beneath screeds (unbonded screeds or floating screeds).
Job References
  • Thai Sugar Factory
  • The Fah Condominium
  • Akamai Village
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