Fondur Premix
Fondur Premix is a multipurpose ready to use premixed concrete based on the calcium aluminates based Ciment Fondu, mixed with selected size fine aggregates and admixtures.
Main Properties of Fondur Premix
  • high early strength 300 KSC at 6 hours
  • resists chemical attack ph 4 - 12
  • heat resistant up to 500°C and resistant to thermal shock
  • Resistance to low temperature -40°C and can be poured at temperature -10°C
  • resistance to abrasion
  • non slip and dust free
  • does not release calcium hydroxide (free lime)
Fondur Premix Projects Gallery
  • urgent repair work of most concrete structures and surfaces: roads, manholes, power line transmission poles, traffic sign support poles, airport runways & taxiways , vessel loading docks.
  • wet industrial floors
  • fireplaces , furnaces , kiln areas
  • cold and frozen storage facilities
  • warehouse and workshops floors
  • machine bases
Job References
  • Petchaburi Dam
  • Patkol co.,Ltd
  • BJC Logistic
  • Fujikasui
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